Florence Resnikoff Designs

About the Artist

Florence Resnikoff retired as Program Head of the Department of Jewelry and Metal Arts of the California College of the Arts, formerly known as The California College of Arts & Crafts.

As Professor Emerita she has been honored by having a student scholarship named for her. She is an honorary member of The Society of American Jewelry Historians and has lectured on such topics as "The background Of Early Decorated Man", and "Factors And History Of Our Contemporary Art Jewelry."

From her first experience of having an early ceramics piece accepted by a very prestigious jury in 1950* to a current show in 2006, she had exhibited in sculpture, jewelry, and ceramics in this country and internationally.

*The 1950 show was MOMENTUM-NINETEEN FIFTY, at Navy Pier, Chicago. The jury was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Clement Greenberg, Ernst Mundt and Lester Goodman. The catalogue was a folio of reproductions "...of creative work originating in the Chicago area," consisting of paintings, sculpture, photography, graphic design, ceramics and wood.